Sunday, June 20, 2021

U.S. Army Birthday 2021

For 246 years, the United States Army has stood strong in the defense of this Nation.


This year, our Army faced unprecedented challenges that swept our Nation and the world. We are incredibly proud of the commitment, resilience, and hard work of our Soldiers from the Active Duty, National Guard, and Army Reserves, and all of our Families, Civilians, and Soldiers for Life. It is because of you that we remain a symbol of strength and hope around the world.


Join us for the Army Birthday Showcase, Honoring the Courage of the American Soldier, on June 14th at 1000 EST, along with other events taking place online at


We are honored to serve with the world's finest men and women. We will never forget the sacrifices of those who gave the last full measure. We serve to honor the legacies and sacrifices of our past heroes.


Happy 246th Birthday, United States Army!


People First! Winning Matters! Army Strong!


20210614 Army Senior Leaders Birthday Message


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