Sunday, June 13, 2021

Commercial Virtual Remote will be decommissioned 15 June 2021

Hello CVR User-

BLUF: Commercial Virtual Remote will be decommissioned 15 June 2021. Please download data you need to retain by 2359 EDT 15 June 2021. DoD365 portal sites for individual tenants have been added to the CVR Hub.


This note is intended to help you prepare for DoD365 implementation. DoD365 is the department's overarching program to provide an enduring solution for on-site and remote office productivity and collaboration.

DoD365 is essentially a suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications plus key cybersecurity baseline features operating at an Impact Level 5 (IL5), allowing for greater use of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). For more information on DoD365 capabilities visit

DISA, U.S. Special Operations Command, and each service branch have established their own DoD365 "tenant" environments with different names and timelines for the implementation of features and capabilities embedded within the DoD365 environment. These timelines are based on individual requirements necessary to meet common cybersecurity and capability baselines to safeguard the DoD network infrastructure.  

CVR will be decommissioned 15 June 2021. For user convenience, the CVR Program Management Office and DoD Chief Information Office have gathered information portal sites that are available for each tenant: Please note that access to each portal is specific to that tenant's user group.


We are sending this information to you to:

  1. Remind you that after 15 June 2021 CVR will no longer be accessible.
  2. Give notice to transfer the data required for retention from CVR to an appropriate platform that supports the information security level of the data.
  3. Provide information about how to download and prepare for implementation to DoD365 or your organization's environment.


When CVR sunsets, users in the DoD365 environment will have access to similar capabilities using government-furnished equipment (i.e., laptops, tablets, and phones).  Of note, certain capabilities may vary depending on their implementation timeline. This summer, the department expects to approve, implement and enable web-based access with a CAC authentication.


You are responsible for downloading your data off the CVR platform by 2359 15 June, 2021, this includes calendar entries, chats, recordings, planner boards, files, etc. You are responsible for your data retention requirements. Instructions for how you can transfer data from the CVR platform are available on the CVR HUB:

What can you do to prep for sunset?

  1. Review your files and delete those you don't need to access after 15 June 2021.
  2. Begin saving data outside of CVR that you need to keep.
  3. If you have questions about preparing for your organization's implementation of DoD365 visit for more information.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.



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